To Provide Quality Staff Development and Technical Assistance to Educators and Parents for the Advancement of Instructional Programs for Students with diverse needs


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  •  Students with diverse needs will be educated with respect to their needs, strengths and interests.
  • Students with diverse need will have a means of communication that is effective across environments,
  • contexts and persons.
  • Students with diverse needs will have opportunities to participate in the general education setting to the maximum extent appropriate.
  • Students with diverse needs will be supported through technology and visual strategies that promote success academically and behaviorally.

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Lisa Rogers has been an educator for over thirty years, working with students with special and diverse needs.  She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and certification in Special Education.  Ms. Rogers later received her M.A. in Special Education with an endorsement in the area of students with severe and profound disabilities.

As the Director of Educating Diverse Learners, Mrs. Rogers currently works with educators, students and their families by way of consultation, classroom support and training in school districts throughout  the United States.  She has also written several articles that focus on the educational strategies and supports for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Through the Association for Texas Professional Educators [ATPE], Ms. Rogers has developed several online course for the state of Texas in the areas of autism, behavioral supports and inclusive education.

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Participant Comments

“You showed me that I have to adjust my teaching for all my different students.”
-Austin, Texas

“Mrs. Rogers gave me wonderful and effective tools to inspire me to include all children.”
-Ft. Worth, Texas

“Fantastic presentation . . . great learning opportunity for parents.”
-Austin, Texas

“Mrs. Rogers communicates the great importance of including all children in the general education classroom, the benefits to ALL students and the needed changes in the delivery of curriculum.”
-Beaumont, Texas

“Absolutely fantastic workshop. Full of simple, logical ideas and strategies that I will use tomorrow in my classroom.”
-Arlington, Texas

“Fun, fast-paced and filled with ideas on how to motivate and support young children.”
-San Angelo, Texas

“This workshop was great! I learned so much about what type of environment I want to create so that my children with special needs can be successful.”
-Waco, Texas

“This workshop was excellent, interesting, fun and enjoyable.”
-Abilene, Texas

“The best seminar I have ever attended. Mrs. Rogers brings the content back to our classroom through presentation and participation.”
-Abilene, Texas

“Mrs. Rogers makes you think about things that you are doing and what else you could be doing.”
-Austin, Texas

Visually Speaking:
Supporting Students with Autism Through Structured Teaching

Hearne Independent School District
June, 2006